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Valerie and Marcus
Valerie Smasal and Marcus Hammons

Valerie Smasal and Marcus Hammons are the dynamic duo behind Calamity & Grace. They have been married since 2008 and moved to Llano in 2013 from the Houston area.

Valerie Smasal has been an artist all her life. It was sitting on her living room floor with her mom’s magazines that her love for collage developed. It blossomed and grew like a wildflower when she moved to Llano in 2013. Her theatre background is evident in her dramatic and vibrant collages, which often tell a story. She has worked in theatre and for nonprofits most of her life. This is her first venture in owning a retail business.

Marcus Hammons is a landscaper with the company he founded, All Green Landscaping. He is also a rock-stacker. He can usually be found drifting into the shop to cool off before tackling another client’s project, or outside rock-stacking the day away.


Trudy, the C&G Mascot, can usually be found hang’n-out at the store doing absolutely nothing.

Where did the name Calamity & Grace come from?
Marcus has three children from a previous marriage, Seth, Claire and Gracie. Marcus and Valerie affectionately nicknamed Claire “Calamity Claire” when she was going through her tumultuous teenage years.The name stuck. Valerie wanted a name for the shop that evoked a “mix of calm and excitement”, two feelings that art often evokes. “Calamity & Grace” was invented! Seth has now legally changed his name to “&”.