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Bios for the Artists whose Art is featured and available at Calamity & Grace:

Marcus Hammons

Ira Kennedy

Tracy Miller


Kimi A. Phillips
Kimi Phillips
Kimi A. Phillips is the wife of a musician and a mother to 3 dogs and 3 fish.  She is a graphic and laser designer during the week and on the weekends, travels with her husband’s band around Texas. This has given her the opportunity to see and photograph many places in our great State.  She has always loved photography and in the last few years has realized her love in landscape photography.  She is published in numerous Texas magazines, won several National and Worldwide photography contests and was a featured photographer in the Bob Bullock Museum for her photography of Big Bend National Park.  You can see more of her work on her facebook page, Kimi A. Phillips Photographic Art. “Beauty is Everywhere” ~ Kimi A. Phillips

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